120W Fast-Charging ⚡

120W Triple Charging Cable

USB-C, Lightning, & Micro USB Fast-Charging Bendable Cable

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120W Fast-Charging↑

Charge your devices in record speed

Smart E-Marker Chip

Reliable Charging Guard

480Mbps Data-Transfer↑

Ultra-Fast File Transfer in Seconds

Wide Compatiblity

Charge Your Laptop, Tablet, & Smartphone


Ultra-Fast Charging↑


High Speed Data-Transfer↑

Ultimate 180° Flexibility

Navigate your daily phone use with ease, thanks to our uniquely bendable 180° design, allowing for enhanced adaptability and comfort.

Durable Aluminum Design

Constructed with high-grade aluminum alloy, our cable stands the test of time, delivering both resilience and a sleek appearance.

Charge Three Devices, Hassle-Free

Keep all your devices juiced up concurrently with our 3-in-1 connector, simplifying charging for a variety of devices.

Triple Interface Excellence: Lightning, Micro USB, TYPE-C

Step into the future of charging and data transfer with our refined 3-in-1 connector system. Catering to a spectrum of devices, from iPhones to vintage Android models and cutting-edge TYPE-C technology, this cable guarantees seamless adaptability. Say goodbye to the clutter of numerous cables and the dilemma of seeking the right plug. With this singular, multifaceted solution, we bring to you an epitome of modern-day efficiency, ensuring your devices stay connected, no matter their port type. Experience technology, unified.

180° Bending Cable: Ideal for Gaming

Crafted with modern mobile users in mind, our 180° bend cable ensures optimal comfort both during intense gaming sessions and regular phone use. Its unique flexibility allows you to hold, chat, browse, or play without any cable interference. Whether you're catching up on calls, streaming, or immersed in a game, this cable's design prioritizes uninterrupted phone usage. Enjoy a seamless experience with a cable that understands the diverse needs of today's smartphone user.

120W Turbo Charge: Power Up at Lightning Speed

Redefine the way you fuel your devices with our 120W Turbo Charge capability. Designed for those who can't afford to wait, this cable ensures your devices get the power boost they need in record time. No more prolonged waiting by the outlet; our cable efficiently transfers energy, ensuring your devices are ready to go when you are. Whether you're prepping for a meeting, gearing up for a gaming marathon, or just on the go, trust in the rapid charging prowess of our 120W solution. Experience the future of charging, today.