Ivy Smart Plant Pot

AI-Driven Self-Watering Plant Pot with Smart Home Integration

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Revolutionize Your Plant Care

AI-Driven Interaction and Smart Home Integration

Ivy Smart Plant Pot brings your plants to life with advanced AI technology and seamless smart home integration. Featuring over 70 unique expressions and responsive gestures, Ivy interacts with you and adapts to environmental changes, creating a personalized plant care experience. Connect Ivy to Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and the Tuya Smart App for effortless control and monitoring. Manage watering schedules, monitor plant health, and adjust settings directly from your smart devices. Enhance your home with this innovative and intelligent plant care solution.

Customizable Plant Care via Tuya Smart App

Elevate your plant care routine with Ivy Smart Plant Pot's customizable features through the Tuya Smart App. Adjust light, temperature, and humidity settings to create the ideal environment for your plants. Monitor real-time data, receive notifications, and ensure your plants are thriving. Additionally, display photos, activate sleep mode, and explore various options to personalize your plant care experience and make it truly unique.

Intelligent Plant Compatibility

Ivy Smart Plant Pot adapts to a wide variety of plants with its intelligent water reservoir system powered by AI. Supporting over 36 plant types officially via the Tuya Smart App, Ivy adjusts its care routines to meet the specific needs of each plant, ensuring optimal growth and health. No matter what plant you choose, Ivy creates a nurturing environment tailored to its requirements.